Safety Is Our Goal

At Civil Constructors, LLC we recognize that accidents are uncommon events and are usually preventable. Accident prevention is a responsibility we share at every level of our company, from our President through our field personnel. All of our employees are trained to identify and correct unsafe conditions on the job in order to provide a non-hazardous work environment for us and the public. Understanding that safety is a continuous improvement process helps us maintain our safety goal (Zero Accidents) in our ever changing work environment.

Safety Is Our Responsibility

We believe that every employee is entitled to a safe and respectful work environment. It is our responsibility for the physical well being of our employees as outlined in our safety statement. Recognizing this responsibility we conduct monthly site audits and training by our in house full-time safety director, Mark Ray. This ensures that we comply with all of the most recent federal and state regulations.

Safety Is Our Culture

Our project managers emphasize safety with the same vigor as production, quality, cost and schedule. Administering our program at the project level adds the element of accountability that is required to keep each employee responsible for their actions. Partner this with the continuous support of our management team and our outside safety consultant we make safety not only the way we work but a way of life at Civil Constructors, LLC.

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